Marsdiep 1
6826 AZ  Arnhem
The Netherlands

tel +31 650 421 459

In the 80’s of the 20th century there was an international art movement who based it’s style and picturelanguage on comic strips, caricatures and grafitti. The socalled “ Figuration Libre”.
The sculptures of E. Pietersen are based on his drawings and scetches in wich he refers to the world inwich comix, grafitti, B-movies and rockculture play an important role.
These ingredients of the socalled “B-side of the higher arts”, are being translated in traditional sculptural materials like wood, stone and bronze.
The works are mostly filled with an ironic, comic or tragicomic load.
The tension in of his art is also accomplished by the constrasting elements and the dualism of the figures. Imperfectism prevails above perfectism.
Presently he’s involved in the conceptualization, design and realization of sculptures for open air locations in residential and man-make areas, aswell as for inside locations.


E. Pietersen was trained in the arts at the Academy of Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands and sculpting at the Vocational School for Stone Masonary, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Besides these he followed courses is welding and casting.



E. Pietersen has realized sculptures and murals in The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

rock building

As a practiced sculptor E. Pietersen has worked on big scale rocks and sculptures. For entertainment parks,  Zoo’s  and other artists.

other activities

  • Stage design and realization for dance performances.
  • Sculptor-symposia in Lihauhenia and Slowenia.
  • Grave-stones
  • Designs for posters for rockbands.
  • Ice-sculptures
  • Restaurations on sculptures and churches


Exhibtions in art-centers, sculpture parks etc